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Chris Novak
Head of Xbox Research & Design at Microsoft.

Chris Novak discusses technology’s role in moving beyond experiences that focus on the past, and how we shift towards a more playful future.

As Head of Xbox Design, Chris Novak guides the user experience across Microsoft’s gaming businesses: Console, Windows, Game Pass, xCloud, PlayFab, and Xbox Live. He is a member of the Gaming For Everyone Leadership Team, as well Microsoft’s overall Design Leadership Team. Prior to his role leading Xbox Design, he was the Design Architect for Microsoft Studios, helped found 3D6 Games Inc., and worked at Electronic Arts Inc.

Novak believes play is in everyone’s DNA; play is the earliest and most natural method for human learning—from social interactions to gravity, from simple pattern matching to complex game rules. Passion for play is what inspires gamers, and Novak nurtures design teams that are fascinated by methods of appeal, game loops, and the psychology of play. Game design is as much a part of their UX design practice as typography, flow, and usability.

Kelly McCarthy
Former SVP Global Brands Marketing LVMH

She shares her learnings on digitally translating a brand to grow business

Kelly McCarthy brought a wealth of information to her Spark Lab livestream and we’ve distilled down some of the great bites. With her marketing career beginning at the cusp of the online era, she brought an intrinsic understanding of how technology has evolved and how to communicate it simply. But her talk elevates above the nuts and bolts, exploring principles that can be applied to any business, regardless of scale.

Ethan Eismann
VP of Design at Slack

How work has transformed from a place to a space.

Few people have been so influential in designing the future of work. Ethan, has been Head of Design at Uber, Head of Commerce Design at Google, and led Airbnb’s design team. Now, as Vice President of Design at Slack, Ethan leads an organisation focused on making people’s working lives simpler and more productive.